Women Getting Unstuck


Hey soul sister, 

What if you could...

** get UNSTUCK?

** feel more like YOURSELF again?

** feel EMPOWERED to honor the woman who you were born to be?

** TAKE CONTROL of your life once and for all?

** KNOW the next steps to take your life back?

I've been there - depressed, lost, disconnected to myself to the point that it was bringing disease to my physical body.
I felt completely lost, living inside a mental hell, where all I could see was darkness.

Those non-stop negative feelings and emotions were eating me alive, making me cry to sleep at night and dread the alarm o'clock in the morning when I had to face my sad reality again.

Even though I was sad, scared and very uncomfortable with taking a deeper look at my childhood trauma, the pain of not recognizing myself in the mirror was far more unbearable.

Till one day, I realized I HAD A CHOICE, and I took it.
A choice to stop living in hatred and resentment for myself and others;
A choice to be 100% responsible for my thoughts - making sure they empower me;
A choice to connect to follow my intuition and inner guidance;
A choice to confront my demons and let them go;
A choice to be who I was born to be;
A choice to honor me and my purpose without the fear of judgment of myself and others;

A choice to GET UNSTUCK and creating the life that I loved.

As they say, "greater things lie on the other side of fear" and every day I go deeper, closer to my real self, living in purpose and in gratitude for having the courage to do so.

I'm holding this deeply transforming TRAINING sharing you what had helped me and my clients feel in control of their lives again, shifting from feeling stuck to having CLARITY and eagerness to move forward.

Deep love sisters and remember,

Your new life is one CHOICE away.

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Hi, I'm your host, Patricia Yiu.

I've been helping women get unstuck, creating a life that they love by removing the real cause of their suffering and becoming more of who they really are, living in Authenticity, Empowerment, and Purposeful Prosperity.

I'm an Emotional Bagge Expert, Intuitive Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Author, Reconnective Healing Practitioner and a Master Activator of The Universal Energy of Money and I can't wait to guide you in the journey of Self-love, Forgiveness, and Empowerment.

Much love to you,


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