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Have you ever felt your heart pounding on those 2 seconds before opening your credit card balance?

Do you have anxiety attacks worrying about not having enough money to pay the rent at the end of the month?

Your stomach feels weird, your heart starts racing and your throat closes as if you don't have enough air to breathe, finding yourself in a state of hopelessness, thinking: "what am I going to do now"?

What if you could be connected to the Frequency of Abundance?

How would you feel to live in less financial worry and more in gratitude and flow?

How would your life change if a door to more possibilities of Abundance and Prosperity opened up for you?

You see, Abundance is a Frequency.

Pretty much like the radio, when you are listening to a rock station, no classical music will play there.

You have to change the station.

Same thing with Abundance.

If you live in the vibration of scarcity and lack, you can't even access the opportunities that are waiting for you at a higher frequency, do you know what I mean?

I invite you to experience what it feels like to:

*receive an energetic money block clearing so you feel calmer and less anxious;

* have a group card reading so you get clarity on how to start opening the doors to more abundance in your life right now;

* an opportunity to talk to my Spirit Guides so you can ask ONE question to help you with specific actions to move from scarcity to abundance fast.

Are you ready to commit to bringing more abundance, welcoming more financial flow in your life today?

** Sign up now, limited spaces available for the exchange of $33 ($44 after May 31st) **

Join us now for our next session on June 3rd, at 7:11pm EST.

After your payment, follow the instructions on Module 1 to register for the session.

Can't make it live? 

Don't worry, you will get the replay link sent by email and you can watch the session at another space-time coordinate - that's the cool part about energy work, you will get exactly what you need at a given time!

In Infinite Love and Prosperity,

Patricia Yiu 

***** Who am I? *****

Hi, I'm your host, Patricia Yiu.

I've been helping women get unstuck, creating a life that they love by removing the real cause of their suffering and becoming more of who they really are, living in Authenticity, Empowerment, and Purposeful Prosperity.

I'm an Emotional Bagge Expert, Intuitive Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Author, Akashic Records Reader, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Bach Flower Therapist and a Master Activator of The Universal Energy of Money and I can't wait to guide you in the journey of Self-love, Forgiveness, Empowerment, and Abundance.

You can read about my story and testimonials here




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